This one is not to be missed because I am discussing how I landed my collaboration with PornHub for my fashion brand and production studio.

This collaboration was so profitable for my business and all the styles sold out in the Pornhub website. I have done collaborations like this before with Zedd, Major Lazer and Karueche Tran. So I have honestly rinsed and repeated my strategy multiple times to generate so much $$$$ and hype for my brand AND YOU CAN DO THE SAME!

Collaborations are so effective for reaching out another audience and boosting your brand, whether that is with another brand, artist or influencer. But they do have to be executed properly in order for it to be profitable and successful.

In this video, I basically show you how I landed the collaboration with Pornhub and I GIVE YOU 4 ACTIONABLE STEPS so that you can do the same with anyone you want to work with. Watch the video and let me know in the comment section who you would love to collaborate with for your brand.

Let’s manifest it and make it happen!

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